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The Mason Company, LLC (Mason Company) has over 125 years of experience designing the finest animal enclosures in the world, by far more than anyone else in the industry. We are known for our ability to customize products and solve design and manufacturing challenges. Mason Company offers the broadest product line in the industry - many with patented, innovative features - and customizes solutions to meet your specific needs.

Core Competencies

Mason Company offers complete installation programs through its sister company, Kennel Installations, Inc. Its employees work with Mason customers on a range of installation projects, from customers who desire a working technician to help begin the installation process to those who want a complete installation team. Installation by Kennel Installations can be a valuable tool in helping your facility open on-time, on budget and with fewer headaches.

Mason Company prides ourselves on creating innovative and practical solutions to your animal housing needs. As a result, we've developed numerous patented products along the way, such as:

SILVIS SEALTM: Animal Enclosure Floor Seal-This unique cross-contamination barrier is an integral component in our versatile and popular Sani-Kennel system.

SANI-SLOPETM: Panel leveling system for use w/ animal kennels-This watertight floor seal system is an integral component in the Sani-Kennel, working hand-in-hand with the Silvis Seal.

MODULAR 2-STORY DOUBLE DECKTM KENNEL SYSTEM: Modular animal boarding system-Build up instead of out and double your capacity in the same footprint.

TWO-WAY LATCH Animal Enclosure Latch: This 100% stainless steel latch allows the gate to swing both in and out of the run, and secures from outside and inside the run. The latch is self-latching and lockable with a padlock or leash clip.

ISO-CARETM QUARANTINE SYSTEM: Veterinary isolation cage-Perfect for treating Parvo.

ELEVATING 3-SIDE SPLASH ULTRALIFT®: Elevating Fiberglass Wash Unit-The molded fiberglass wash unit means no seams and no leaks when washing, while also offering a quieter environment that looks less institutional than stainless steel.


Mason Company is unique in its ability to manufacture any size animal enclosure — and at Mason, custom never costs extra. We offer the broadest product line in the industry and use only the highest-grade raw materials. Whether you're opening a new facility, remodeling an existing site or merely looking to add animal enclosures to enhance your services, Mason can fulfill your requirements.