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Dog Enclosures

Our quality dog housing products can be found in more than 35 countries around the globe. Because we've been designing and installing kennel runs since 1892, we have the most experience in the industry. Our animal housing systems are designed to keep the comfort, safety and health of the dogs a top priority while looking great and also being easy for staff to clean. The most elaborate and extreme environments trust our kennel design, and our products are located in the finest pet resorts, veterinary hospitals, animal shelters and in all four branches of the United States military, the Department of Homeland Security, the United States Border Patrol and countless police departments.

Cat Enclosures

Our innovative equipment is designed around the needs of cats and all units are sturdy, durable and easy to clean and maintain. We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of your facility. Many products are designed to meet the Association of Shelter Veterinarians guidelines for feline housing. Units come in a variety of materials, styles and colors, and each has various options so you can customize your units to your unique, specific needs.

Grooming Tables

A grooming table is a necessity, not an option, and our grooming tables provide superior quality ergonomics while offering tremendous stability and durability. Our tables help groomers increase performance, and productivity, and minimize the need for heavy lifting, bending or straining. Our electric tables raise and lower faster than any other, reducing stress on the animals.

Wash Units

The only elevating fiberglass wash unit in the industry! These heavy-duty UltraLift elevating and stationary fiberglass wash units are hand-laid and molded with no seams, which means no leaks and are easy to clean. Fiberglass is quieter and warmer than stainless steel tubs, so less stress and reduced fear. A raised floor helps contain water and splashes inward.

Zoos & Aquarium Housing

Mason Company is the perfect choice for zoos and aquarium housing because of our extensive product line, design experience, custom manufacturing and ability to offer professional installation service. Mason manufactures all of its own products to insure quality control and timely delivery.